Women as Change Agents


We envision a church and a world which fully recognize and embrace the gifts, talents and leadership of women.


Voices of Faith advances the role of women in the Catholic Church and supports them in their infinite potential to create meaningful change for the common good, contributing fully to the life of the Catholic Church and to wider society.

Strategic intents

Build a diverse and inclusive network of committed women of faith who fight and work for an effective and transparent church, social justice, equality, human rights, peace and environmental protection by being a voice of the church in the outside world, and bringing the outside voices into the church.


Voices of Faith seeks to interact with the Catholic Church in a spirit of respect for tradition and dialogue. It strives to ensure women are allowed to serve in the Spirit of Francis in a more incisive way. It does not seek to be confrontational with the official line of the Catholic Church.


Chantal Götz

"The Catholic Church, society, the poor will all benefit if women are allowed to use their leadership qualities in comprehensive roles."

opening doors

“It is necessary to broaden the space within the church for a more incisive feminine presence.” - Pope Francis