Women as Change Agents


A thriving Catholic Church where women play key roles at all levels of decision making.


Voices of Faith exists to empower and advocate for Catholic women to have a seat at the table of decision makers at all levels of the Catholic Church.

Strategic intents

We champion women in occupying non-ordained roles that shape and lead the Catholic Church to be more compassionate, influential and relevant in the lives of the Church’s followers.


Inclusive: We want to include and hear women’s diverse voices and bring them to the forefront.

Open/Honest: We seek open and honest dialogue on an issue where varied opinions exist.

Respectful: We are respectful of all people and seek constructive solutions.

Unapologetic: We are unapologetic about our vision and mission.

Innovative/Bold: We believe women are an innovative and bold solution to the many problems the Catholic Church is facing in a 21st century world.

Faithful: We are women and men of faith


Chantal Götz

"The Catholic Church, society, the poor will all benefit if women are allowed to use their leadership qualities in comprehensive roles."

opening doors

“It is necessary to broaden the space within the church for a more incisive feminine presence.” - Pope Francis