Voices of Faith Women Achievers

“We believe that this Voices of Faith Women Achievers Award will not remain like a drop in the ocean or just like a sporadic moment. It is our dream that it should evolve as a sign of real hope for every woman, a strong inspiration and motivation to understand, change, challenge and transform themselves, their families and the society at large. “

Women achievers are seldom brought into limelight and often they remain unnoticed and unremembered. Their courageous feats, selfless sacrifices and brave efforts often remain unheard.

Identifying women who deserve recognition, appreciation and encouragement is the challenge that Voices of Faith venture into.

Lifetime Achievement

Award honoring living individuals who “make a difference” and  provide outstanding service over a sustained period of years in a community.

Humanitarian Ambassador

Award recognizes the remarkable and inspiring work, women are doing within this area, sowing seeds of love, compassion and altruism.

Women of Courage

Award recognizes women who shows exceptional courage and leadership in empowerment, often at personal risk.

Community Development

Award recognizes the outreach efforts of women who make a significant impact in their community, improving the lives of the people they serve, especially in the areas of rural economic development, education, volunteerism and philanthropy.


Award recognizes women who start their own businesses from nothing, and show the entrepreneurial spirit and the power to market and create jobs.

Arts & Culture

Award recognizes women flourishing in the world of performing and visual arts, arts management, creative writing, and promoting of arts.

Women in Media

Award recognizes women working and making significant contribution in the area of broadcast, print or electronic media.


Award recognizes young women who make contributions to their community, family and school, as well as exemplify leadership and community services values.

Women Achievers Award

October 6, 2014, Women Achiever’s Award by Don Bosco India and Voices of Faith

Women Achievers Award

Lifetime Achievement Award Winner Chinna Pillai