Women as Peacebuilders

Voices of Faith 2017 Women as Peacebuilders Award recognizes that we can achieve peace in the world only when women are engaged and active at all levels of leadership in the peace-building processes.





Voices of Faith is proud to present the 2017 Women as Peacebuilders Award winners:

Dr. Mirreille Twayigira (Rwanda/Malawi)
Nagham and Shadan (Syria/Belgium)
Stephanie Lorenzo (Australia)
Marguerite Barankitse (Burundi)
Sr. Simone Campbell, SSS (USA)
Dr. Scilla Elworthy (Great Britain)
Flavia Agnes (India)
Marie Dennis (USA)
Kerry Alys Robinson (USA)


Marie DennisIn her Laudatio to the award recipients, Marie Dennis, the Co-President of Pax Christi International noted and challenged:

Central to the Church’s process of studying and promoting active nonviolence must be the full participation of women:

• women who are theologians to help develop a new moral framework for Catholic social thought on war and peace, a rich theology of nonviolence, and excellent exegesis around the nonviolence of Jesus;
• women in politics and social sciences to help articulate effective nonviolent strategies to use in a dangerous world;
• grassroots women to design nonviolent practices that can in fact protect vulnerable communities;
• women in Catholic schools, Catholic universities, seminaries and parishes who can teach nonviolence;
• women who will bring Catholic values to the public debate on the use (or not) of violent force close to home or on the other side of the world;
• women who will insist that resources be devoted to meeting basic human needs and protecting the integrity of the natural world, not building more weapons for war;
• women who will help the world shape a just and sustainable peace that responds to the real needs of our families and local communities; and on and on.

What if … Catholics were formed from the beginning of life to understand and appreciate the power of active nonviolence and the connection of nonviolence to the heart of the Gospel – trained to understand the implications in the 21st century of love your enemy?

What if the Catholic Church committed its vast spiritual, intellectual and financial resources to developing a new moral framework and language for discerning ways to prevent atrocities, to protect people and the planet in a dangerous world?

What if women were central to articulating and implementing this shift in Catholic understanding of and commitment to nonviolence and just peace?

Women as Peacebuilders

Women as Peacebuilders