Women, Sowers of Development Prize

“This prize recognizes the best ideas of women. Women have practical ideas on how to meet everyday challenges, but are seldom given the opportunity to share them in a meaningful way.”

The Women Sowers of Development Prize aims to celebrate best practices around the world given to groups that empower women .

The Women Sowers of Development Prize consists of two prizes of €10,000 each:

category 1 is aimed at programmes supported by Caritas national organisations.

category 2  is aimed at bodies outside the Caritas network.

It will be awarded to women who have distinguished themselves for their work in support of human development and food security.

The awarding organisations are Caritas Internationalis & Voices of faith.


sowers of development

Nicaraguan farmers win international women’s prize 2015 at the Voices of Faith event

sowers of development

Syrian refugee women in Lebanon win international prize 2015 at the Voices of Faith event