About the Event

From giving refugees an education, to stopping girls from being sold as sex slaves, to providing health care for the poorest, the Voices of Faith event shares the stories of remarkable women who are effective in helping women reach their potential.

The 8th of March -international women’s day- marks the annual event in the Vatican.

Voices of Faith believes bringing together women of faith from across the globe who are leaders in their communities will help to shine a light on the important message we seek to create dialogue around – women of faith can and should be welcomed alongside men at the hierarchy’s of the Catholic Church. We know this vision will take time, patience and courage, but we are faithful in seeing a thriving Catholic Church for our future and the future generations.  

Voices of Faith creates respectful thoughtful discussions on sensitive topics to educate, instruct, and inspire all – because all voices count.

Voices of Faith song

Composed by: Steve Cournane

Performed by: Laura Collins

Chantal Götz

"Voices of Faith is founded on 17 years of work with the Fidel Götz Foundation, particularly its work with people at the grassroots level. The focus on the gender issue and my passion for it evolved through their daily work and faith. They inspired me to bring their ideas, their stories to the forefront. To make sure these stories are heard, the Vatican is meant to be a symbolic sign – it comes from the heart ."

Vatican opening doors

Voices of Faith thanks Cardinal Pietro Parolin, Secretary of State, for his generosity, respect and support of the contributions of women to the church and society - that made Voices of Faith a success.