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    Press 2017

    Vatican Radio – Voices of Faith: Women and leadership

    Crux – Women gather at the heart of the Vatican to stir things up

    Rome reports- “It’s up to us women to support this extraordinary pope”

    Rome reports – LIVE: Vatican hosts Voices of Faith storytelling event

    America Media – Women’s voices in the church rise up in Rome

    National Catholic Reporter – Global Jesuit leader says women’s inclusion in church structures ‘has not yet arrived’

    Catholic Online – Rwanda woman shares amazing story of survival and offers important advice – ‘I choose to call it a story of hope, a story of God’

    L’Osservatore Romano – Awaiting the Resurrection (PDF 1.2MB)


    Press 2016

    Vatican Radio: Voices of Faith and JRS: giving vulnerable girls education and hope

    Catholic News Agency: Women’s day at the Vatican underscores the power of mercyWomen’s day at the Vatican underscores the power of mercy

    Crux: Vatican event calls for boosting women’s roles in the world and the Church

    Crux: Women must be more than ‘guest workers’ in the Church

    American Magazine: Women Are Knocking on the Door of the Church

    Vatican Radio: Voices of Faith – Education for girls – not child brides

    Vatican Radio: Voices of Faith – From freedom fighter to anti-trafficking activist

    Vatican Radio: Voices of Faith: blindness offers worlds of color

    National Catholic Reporter: Women share struggles at Vatican event, skirting issues of ordination, governance


    Press 2015

    New York Times: Women see themselves as left out amid talk of change in the Catholic Church

    America Magazine: International Women’s Day in the Vatican

    America Magazine: The Unholy Alliance against Educated African Women

    Catholic News Agency: Economic progress for Syria’s women proves a silver lining amid war

    National Public Radio: For Women’s Day, Group Takes A Messge To The Vatican

    Vatican Radio: Voices of Faith brings women to Vatican on International Women’s Day