Program 2017

Stirring the Waters – Making the Impossible Possible

Live streaming starts at 1500 CET / 9 am EST

We kindly request all private guests in the Vatican to take their seats shortly before 2pm.

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Welcome: Chantal M. Götz
Fidel Götz Foundation & Voices of Faith Managing Director

Voices of Faith theme song
Performed by: Julia Mintzer, Mezzo-Soprano
Flute: Franziska Kannewischer
Guitar: Tamara Dmytriieva

Opening: Father Arturo Sosa Abascal SJ
Superior General of the Society of Jesus

Magalie Laguerre-Wilkinson – Moderator
Journalist/Producer, 60 Minutes-CBS News

Part I: Voices of Faith from All Over the World

Story Telling: What Love Can Do – Women as Peacemakers

Empathy has no borders – Dr. Mirreille Twayigira, Rwanda/Malawi

Peace is the ability to be yourself: a conversation with two sisters who kept their calling amid war and displacement – Nagham and Shadan, Syria/Belgium

Harnessing the ‘power of purpose’ in our lives – Stephanie Lorenzo, Australia

It’s always love that takes the last word – Marguerite Barankitse, Burundi

Life is beautiful – Theme song from “la vita è bella”
Performed by: Silvia Genovesi, Contralto
Accordion: Simone Frezza

Part II: Panel

Building Effective Leadership for Peace

Moderator: Kerry Alys Robinson


Scilla Elworthy PhD – Founder of the Oxford Research Group, Peace Direct and Rising Women, Rising World
United Kingdom

Flavia Agnes – Women’s rights lawyer and co-founder of the Majlis Legal Centre

Sister Simone Campbell, SSS – Executive Director of NETWORK Lobby for Catholic Social Justice

Part III: Prize Award Ceremony

Pilota di guerra by Francesco De Gregori
Performed by: Silvia Genovesi, Contralto
Piano: Simone Frezza

Women Sowers of Development Prize 2017 – Women as Peacebuilders
Awarded by Voices of Faith

Laudatio: Marie Dennis Pax Christi International

Closing and Thanks: Father Thomas H Smolich SJ