Winner 2: Killing my girl

Killing My Girl

Director : Tasos Giapoutzis: United Kingdom Duration: 12:00

Rafa, a young South Asian woman, hangs the laundry in the yard of the house. In a voice-over she announces she is pregnant and that her husband and in-laws, with whom she is living, do not want the baby only because it is a girl. In the afternoon, her mother-in-law gives her two pills to take but Rafa reacts. After her husband reminds to her that they cannot afford to have a girl, she reluctantly takes the pills. Later, alone, looks through pictures of her family back home, contemplating. She pukes the pills in the bathroom and in the night she takes a photo of her mother with her and leaves. After walking endlessly in the streets of London she stops and calls her mother back home. Eventually, she returns to the house and takes another couple of pills. A series of shots depicts all her senses colliding to each other. Rafa looks straight into the camera while suddenly water pours down the roof in the middle of the house. Heavy rain follows.

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