emprende y crece – human promotion of women through education

Filming the documentary “emprende y crece”, Puebla Mexico – July 2014

What is “emprende y crece” ?

“emprende y crece”, led by the Training Institute UPAEP (from the project Reciprocity Ish-á),  is an ambitious, educational, three year project.

It is focused on a total of 70 women who inhabit the hilly areas of the state of Puebla, but also includes 20 children, and husbands that have begun to join the group.

It has the support of three other areas of the University: Entrepreneurs (Business School), “Apuesta de futuro”, and the Institutional Development.

Business skills and human values

These 70 women receive entrepreneurship training including business skills, planning and organization.

Parallel they receive coaching in human values of dignity, solidarity, justice, common good, freedom, reciprocity between man and women, communication and self-esteem.

The core of the project is the human promotion of women through education. Another key aspect of the project is that these women become leaders in their own families and communities thereby passing on knowledge and best practices for constructive solutions.

“Thanks for being part of our lives,” said the ladies between hugs and greetings to the production team when we said goodbye. “Thank you, because now with “emprende y crece” we know who we are, what we are in the world and what we can do if we want to. We are growing as a community. We are learning a culture of solidarity. We are defeating machismo and are learning to communicate better with our children and husbands. And we are working on our small businesses, which are now really starting to emerge and find markets. We have dreams. And we can make them a reality. ”

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