perspective change in women themselves and in the society at large

JAI HO MAHILA..! – Women in Action

The video training modules are visualized in such a way which will act as the right weapon for the need of the hour, focusing the real challenges of the women.

In consulting with social activists and trainers, who have got a vast and seasoned experience in the field of women training and empowerment across India, helped the team to measure the impact of the overall outcome through and think beyond the old fashioned solutions and assisted us to coin the strategic points.


Themes of the video training tools

  • Women Space – “One for All & All for One”
  • My Word is my Honor
  • Savings
  • Creating Assets
  • Financial Inclusion
  • Violence against Women
  • Women Rights
  • Responsibility
  • Accept and Celebrate Differences
  • Is SHG enough?

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