Father M C George Menamparampil sdb

Salesian of Don Bosco

"When asked where and what they would be doing if they were not attending one of our Don Bosco schools, a lot of our students are in agreement on one thing: They would not be attending any high school at all."

“Most boys say they would have been thrown into the chaotic, informal industry, being exploited a s unskilled labour. For girls, the majority say they would have been married off by their relatives ….. Some girls are married off as young as 13 years old. Many girls would also be working as domestic servants in situations that expose them to exploitation – both financially and physically.”

Born in Kerala, India, Father George has served the disadvantaged peoples​ (mostly indigenous tribes)​ of North East India and Bhutan for the past 48 years. A Salesian of Don Bosco, George has followed in the steps of its 19th century founder who dedicated his life to the betterment and education of disadvantaged youth through what is known as the Salesian Preventive System.

His contributions have been numerous and include: founder and head of BOSCONET, the fundraising arm of Don Bosco India, which runs over 300 schools, 47 colleges and 123 vocational and technical institutes; author of the series of Value Education textbooks which has sold over 3 million copies; national coordinator Don Bosco’s services for street children and child labourers in 87 cities of India; global leader of an International Rural Youth Organization.

His recent initiative to support the education of girls in tribal areas of India provides partial scholarships to allow them to board at the school. Without this support the majority of these girls would have been exploited — married off by their relatives and/or put to work as a domestic

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