Flavia Agnes

Women’s rights lawyer and co-founder of the Majlis Legal Centre
Speaker, March 8th 2017

As an activist of feminism, you have to go layer by layer—Hindu, Muslim, Christian, Dalit, bar dancer, trafficked woman, migrant woman, sex worker—it should work for everybody. If it doesn’t, it is not feminism.

It was her own experience with domestic violence that inspired Agnes to become a women’s rights lawyer and co-founder of the Majlis Legal Centre, a legal and cultural resource centre that campaigns for and provides legal representation for women and children.

Since its inception in 1990, Majlis has provided legal services to 50,000 women. Agnes has played an important role in bringing women’s rights to the forefront within the legal system and in contextualizing issues of gender and identity.

Agnes, who applied to college for the first at the age of 33, went on to receive a master of law (LLM) degree in 1992 from Bombay University and an MPhil in family law from the National Law School, Bangalore.

A prolific writer, in addition to her autobiography, “My Story….Our Story of Rebuilding Broken Lives”, her publications include “Law and gender inequality”, “Women and Law in India” and “A Reader on Law, Justice and Gender”. She is the recipient of both the National Film Award for Best Film on Social Issues and the National Film Award for Best Anthropological/Ethnographic Film.

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