Dr Mirreille Twayigira

Intern at Queen Elizabeth Central Hospital
Speaker, March 8th 2017

“If given the resources, refugee children excel. It is probably because of what they went through, they see education as a way out. And I am one!“

Mirielle’s story is one of defying all odds, from her near-death experience in infancy to her graduation in 2016 from medical school at Shandong University in China. Forced to flee her native Rwanda at age 2 when the genocide occurred, she survived in the forests of Rwanda, the DRC, Zambia and Angola for 6 years before reaching the Dzaleka Refugee Camp in Malawi.

While it might be an overstatement to say that Mirielle thrived at the camp, she excelled academically and was offered scholarships to attend both secondary school outside the camp in Malawi and also to study medicine in China. This later scholarship was a hard-won award for her academic achievement and involved the government of Malawi granting her citizenship.

Mirielle always wanted a career that would enable her to help others, especially orphans. When she was offered the scholarship, medicine seemed like it presented the opportunity to help the greatest number of people. She also wants to help refugee youths in pursuing secondary school education.

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