Nagham and Shadan

Speakers, March 8th 2017

“We focused first on values because this was one of the first things lost in the war, so honesty, respect and accepting each other’s differences”.

Six years ago, twin sisters Nagham and Shadan from Homs, Syria, recent university graduates in English literature with blossoming careers in teaching English at the secondary school and university level, could not have predicted their life’s work and calling: “Let’s help children live in peace with themselves so they can live in peace with others.”

The sisters began working with JRS Syria soon after the outbreak of war in their country in 2011. They used their background in teaching and their natural compassion to help children aged 6 to 12 years develop values and life-skills to cope with their feelings toward a war that destroyed their homes and killed their families.

In the fall of 2015, when they were forced to flee Syria and travel along the deadly Balkan route to Belgium, they continued to help children along the way.  Now both sisters are living in Ghent and plan to replicate the life-skills program with JRS Belgium.

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