Praying with Pope Francis


Pope Francis presided on November 23, 2017 over a Prayer for Peace in South Sudan and in the Democratic Republic of Congo in St. Peter’s Basilica.

The event, organized by “Solidarity with South Sudan” invited Christians across the world to join in prayer for Peace in the world, – especially for South Sudan and DRC, two conflict ravaged nations in which millions of displaced people are suffering the effects of violence and terrible humanitarian crises. South Sudan and DRC are „only” two examples where so many people suffer from conflicts that they have never wanted and of which they are the victims. Schools and churches have been destroyed, young people have been recruited into militia groups and the lack of international support means there is not hope in sight. Like in all wars and conflicts, women experience prejudice, violence and inequality, with an extreme poor level of access to continued education. Traditional values continue to be followed by most South Sudanese and Congolese families, encouraging early marriage and early motherhood. We look especially at South Sudan which is the country with the highest mortality rate in the world, which is estimated to be 789 deaths/100,000 live. Voices of Faith joins “Solidarity for South Sudan “in promoting equity, women empowerment and participation to provide women with tools for changing their life, and being active (peace) leaders of the society. Women are needed as agents of change to build the future society. Women are key to prevent war and build peace!