My Dream Will Never Die


Author: Mariam Abdihakim Osman – Somalia

We are all dreamers, and we all have different kinds of dreams. Some of us may change their dreams because of life’s circumstances, while others determine to fulfil their dreams no matter what challenges they encounter. Some of us struggle and achieve tremendous things in the society; we take the responsibility of changing the world. It takes believing in ourselves.

I would like to share with you my dream of helping the poor.

I know that no one chooses to be poor. Yet, poor people are a big part of our current society. The problem is that we make them invisible and do not give them the care they deserve. In fact, we distance ourselves from them.

We do not want to be seen near the poor and we think that we are better than them. We do not value their lives because they don’t have money and we have made money to be more precious then the lives of human beings. We do not believe that the poor could be our role models, that they could help us or change our lives in some way.

I see kindness in poor people and I believe in them. I know that we can only have a safe and serene world when we support the needy. We will all benefit within this generation and for future generations as well.

I have a dream of seeing every poor child attending quality education, having access to clean water and food. I want to see them becoming the doctors, engineers, pilots, or social workers of tomorrow. They can do great things if they are given a chance.

What is more beautiful then helping your fellow human beings? The needy deserve our unconditional love.

I live with this dream daily and I want to turn it into reality. I want the poor to have a normal life and not to be discriminated in the society. I dream of future generations who will not know poverty.

My dream will never die. It might not necessarily come true today, but I strongly believe that following this dream, I can change the lives of million of poor people.