A church comprehensive equivalence 

Media release republished and translated to english from German here from Kath.ch

Response to leaving the church of the six women.

Long before the women have turned away from their church together, they turned away from them. For decades, the women were in solidarity with an institution that has never been in solidarity with them. And even if we can well understand that there is a period of injustice, people can make you lose all hope that ever something will change: we will not resign ourselves to the injustice in our church and hold fast to the demand comprehensive equivalence , 

Women hear - Men absolve. 

Women bake bread - Men consecrate it. 

Women fill the banks of the prayers - Men occupy the chair of the decisions. 

The "Ämtli" largely the women who Offices men. And the higher up it goes, the male will. And although women head congregations and men bohnern church floors: There are mainly women who serve, and mostly men who determine. Not because they are better educated, gifted or called to be had, but because they are men. 

We can not understand how Pope Francis complain about the misogynist states in the world, and they also so little sense of the dignity of women in their own home can have. As he may appoint human rights violations by others and silence about the homemade. 

Not only clericalism is a great evil, but also the inability of the official Church to recognize their sick and sickening structures and so always new to participate in an "order" in the world, the white, rich, heterosexuals and men to this day as the valuable people considered Colored, arms, LGBT and women. 

As yet long can the official church - against his better judgment - to cling to it, that it is God's will that women remain speechless and invisible in many ways? 

Equality between women and men is not a question of male benevolence of papal mercy or concessions, but one of justice. And the more equality is realized, the more the will of God is realized. Any discrimination of people contradicts this will. 

We call on the church to banish any reduction of women, of people of all their thoughts, words and actions. 

We want to help a church whose teachings and structures to more freedom and life, not infringe their thoughts and actions and their canon law worthy of the name. A church, a say women at all levels, join in and a say can, quite redesigned the relationships with them and applies the principle of a culture of listening and discussion. 

Monika Hungerbühler, theologian, Basel, and Jacqueline Keune, theologian, Lucerne 

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