Could this simple strategy give voice to Catholic women around the world?


In September, this story went viral! The article describes a bleak situation that female staffers at the White House had to confront some years ago – they were not being invited to important meetings, not given an opportunity to speak and male colleagues often took credit for good ideas that the women put forward. Sounds familiar?

In that case, you and your female colleagues should consider the simple strategy adopted by the white house staffers. It is called “amplification.”

“When a woman made a key point, other women would repeat it, giving credit to its author. This forced the men in the room to recognize the contribution — and denied them the chance to claim the idea as their own.”

Obama’s cabinet for his second term was much more balanced in terms of the female – male ratio and his staffers report that he calls on women much more these days.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if such a transformation could happen in our parish councils, diocesan offices or at the level of the Curia at the Vatican? The Pope says that we need to create opportunities for a “more incisive female presence in the Church” (Evangelii Gaudium §103). That is exactly what we do here at Voices of Faith – and this simple strategy can be the next step on this quest.

Use #AllVoicesCount share this idea and to tell us about your experiences. Email us creative strategies that worked for you and we will share them with our network!

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