Mary Hallay-Witte is a certified religious pedagogue, systemic counselor for singles, couples and families (DGSF)

She has worked in different positions in the Archdiocese of Hamburg. Since 2010 she has worked as Director of the Office for Child Protection and was part of the process of the reappraisal of the sexual abuse scandal within the Catholic Church in Germany. She is a member of the Research Group for Vulnerability, Security and Resilients at the University of Würzburg, Prof.Dr.H.Keul and is married with two wonderful daughters. In her irish family on her mother’s side, women have suffered sexual abuse in the church.

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Joint publications:

Schweigebruch – Vom sexuellen Missbrauch zur institutionellen Prävention. Eine perspektivische Dokumentation der Lern- und Entwicklungsprozesse der katholischen Kirche in Deutschland. Herder-Verlag 2016. ISBN-13: 9783451348365

Forum: 5 Jahre danach. Der lange Weg des Perspektivenwechsels im Skandal des sexuellen Missbrauchs in der katholischen Kirche. Lebendige Seelsorge 1/2015, S. 65-70.