Two young women who were not baptized at birth but were brought up Catholic - Catholic schools, religion lessons, Sunday Mass, Sunday school, parish activities. 

Gayatri at 13 went to an ashram boarding school that did not encourage religious practice but taught the philosophy of its founder, Shri Aurobindo. She was there for 5 years. At 21 she decided to get baptized. Nivedita graduated from a convent school and received the catechism prize 3 years in a row. Her friends thought she would become a Catholic leader! They never realized she was not baptised. She chose not to get baptised. The two of them explore the meaning of church today. How do young women experience Church. What would they like it to be? These two young women will speak truthfully because they have nothing to lose, but they are also amused by the power politics of the male dominated Church that thinks of them as irrelevant.