Alina Oehler is an outspoken young German theologian and journalist. She studied Catholic theology, political science and philosophy in Tübingen and Rome. She was a trainee in the editorship of Herder Korrespondenz in Berlin in 2016 and is currently a freelancer for different newspapers and has a column in “die Zeit”. Alina breaks barriers between liberal and conservative theological circles. She has always had the desire to better understand Catholic dogmas and at a very young age she began to read theological texts. The essay by a professor from Tübingen was especially memorable for her as he was in favor of the women's priesthood. Even then, Alina knew should she ever study theology, it would be liberal theology. She wanted to strengthen the role of the woman and find arguments with which she could convince conservative pastors, like the one from her home parish. In a twist of fate, Alina's desire to become a liberal, coupled with her studies as a liberal Tübingen, made her a conservative! Nevertheless, the church she once wanted to change changed her. A passionate and fiery woman, Alina is not one to mince her words. Even issues that are dreaded in conservative circles, she tackles and is not afraid to represent uncomfortable positions.