Tina Beattie is a British theologian, writer and broadcaster. She is Professor of Catholic Studies at the University of Roehampton in London and Director of Catherine of Siena College. Beattie's academic research and publications include work on Catholic theology and psychoanalytic theory (Theology After Postmodernity: Divining the Void); theologies and theories of gender and sexuality (New Catholic Feminism: Theology and Theory); the cult of the Virgin Mary (God's Mother, Eve's Advocate); theology and art; atheism and religion (The New Atheists), and religion and women's rights. In addition to her academic work, Beattie has been a public speaker on issues relating to the role of religion in contemporary society and contributes to radio and television. She has engaged in a wide range of educational and awareness-raising activities and projects among religious groups, including inter-religious dialogue and issues concerning social justice and non-violence.