Women as Change Agents


Voices of Faith aims to bring together leaders in the Vatican with the global Catholic community, so they can recognise that women have the expertise, skills and gifts to play a full leadership role in the Church.

Why does the Church continue to deny women that right based purely on gender? We amplify the capability of women in education and programs of social transformation, especially in areas of marginalisation and extreme poverty.

Above all we showcase the enormous and under-utilised potential of women to exercise leadership at all levels of the Catholic Church. 

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A prophetic Catholic Church where women's voices count, participate and lead on equal footing with men.


To empower and advocate for women's leadership in the Catholic Church.





Our values guide the everyday conduct of our work. They are at the heart of working effectively, authentically and with integrity as we push for bold and necessary change within the Holy See.

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We want to include and hear women’s diverse voices and bring them to the forefront.

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We seek open and honest dialogue on an issue where varied opinions exist.

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We are respectful of all people and seek constructive solutions.



We are unapologetic about our vision and mission.

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We believe women are an innovative and bold solution to the many problems the Catholic Church is facing in a 21st century world.



We are women and men of faith.


Our Team


Chantal Götz
Managing Director


Petra Dankova
Advocacy Officer

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Stephanie Lorenzo
Communications Consultant


Katya Alvarez
Event Manager

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Zuzanna Flisowska
General Manager

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— Dr. Astrid Lobo Gajiwala
Member Drafting Committee, CBCI Gender Policy & Advisory Council CBCI Office for Women, India

— Lesley-Anne Knight
Former Secretary General of Caritas Internationalis, Board of Trustees Fidel Götz Foundation, UK

— Mukti Bosco
Co-Founder and Secretary General of Healing Fields India, Ashoka fellow, India

— Marguerite Barankitse
Founder of Maison Shalom, Burundi

— Marie Dennis
Co-president of Pax Christi International, USA

— Antonia Stampalija
Founding Director, Inspire Consulting Group, Australia

— Deborah Rose-Milavec
Executive Director of FutureChurch, USA

— Angelika Mendes-Lowney
Manager, Bilateral and Multilateral Partnerships at Women’s World Banking, Germany/USA

— Cecilia Flores
Founder Visayan Forum, social entreprenuer and human rights activist, Philippines

— Philippa Hitchen
journalist, English Programme of Vatican Radio, an Anglican within the Vatican walls, UK/Italy

— Kerry Alys Robinson
Global ambassador and founding executive director of the Leadership Roundtable, USA

— Dr. Mary McFarland
Professor, Gonzaga University, Former International Director Jesuit Commons: Higher Education at the Margins, and currently Senior Advisor for Jesuit Worldwide Learning, Higher Education at the Margins, USA