Advocacy Initiatives


Voices of Faith pursues a range of advocacy initiatives directed towards reaching our major goal; By 2030, 30% of leadership positions at the global level of the Roman Catholic Church, open to and filled by women.

To bring women to positions already open to them at the Vatican we propose three concrete steps that can be implemented immediately.

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Other Initiatives

2019 #overcomingsilence Global Campaign

Voices of Faith have launched a digital campaign which we believe will unite voices across the world that believe in our vision for women to be welcomed, participate and be fully involved in decision making roles in the Catholic Church. The campaign asks for individuals to upload a photo and message to our Church leaders of why women in leadership is important to its future.

Papal Commission to study the situation of woman

Voices of Faith delivered a white paper to the C9 Cardinals in December 2017. Our aim is to influence the top leadership of the Catholic Church to create more opportunities for women's leadership. 

Survey on Young Women and the Church

In September 2017, Voices of Faith conducted a flash survey for young women (ages 18-35) and invited them to share their perspectives on faith and the Catholic Church. You can read the findings of this survey below.

Advocating on the topic of young women before and during the Synod on Youth (October 2018)

Voices of Faith have been advocating to add young women from various backgrounds, countries and cultures to have their voices heard at the upcoming Pre-Synod on Youth (19-24 March). 

Two of our young female candidates have been welcomed by the Cardinal for the pre-synod, Alina Oehler and Nicole Perone. 


Votes for Catholic Women, Synod on Youth (3rd -23rd October 2018)

Voices of Faith partnered with 9 organisations to promote a petition to allow Catholic Women Religious Superiors the right to vote at the Synod on Youth. Two religious brothers are voting members and if male religious superiors who are not ordained can vote, then women religious superiors who are also not ordained should vote. With no ontological/doctrinal barrier, the only barrier is the biological sex of the religious superior. Our petition urges bishops, cardinals, the Synod of Bishops leadership, and the Pope to make a path for women religious superiors to work and vote as equals alongside their brothers in Christ at meetings of the Synod of Bishops.

Inaugural global study on women in leadership in the Catholic Church

Voices of Faith will look to begin a comprehensive research project on women in leadership in the Catholic Church. This research focuses on top leadership positions that lay women already hold or can take on at the Vatican and at the level of Bishops Conferences. We hope this research can provide methodology to the Vatican and selected bishops conferences and encourage them to commit to bi-annual follow up to track progress in including women in key leadership positions. 

Voices Magazine

Each year we print our annual Voices Magazine to showcase the stories from our International Women's Day events. Please download and share these incredible stories of courageous and faithful women from across the globe who want to see our Catholic Church thrive into the future. 



Scholarships & Mentoring


The world is awakening to a powerful truth: Women and girls aren’t the problem, they are the solution.

There’s a growing recognition among everyone that focusing on women and girls is the most effective way to fight global poverty and extremism. Voices of Faith honours the priceless value and power of women from all geographies and walks of life.

Emerging women leaders

Voices of Faith supports emerging women leaders and their vision for a better world. We are committed to supporting and building the skills, confidence and networks of Catholic women across the globe and encourage them towards leadership positions in the Catholic Church.

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